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20 Years Ago

Reduced to a pile of concrete and rebar rubble, the Lemoore High School tennis courts are now only a memory of the sweat, tears, aggravations, and triumphs of students and the community who took advantage of them during PE, competitions, or just for fun. The courts were razed to make way for the new Events Center currently under construction at LHS. New courts will be constructed on the campus.

 In the 1962 production Music Man, star Robert Preston claimed in song, there was “Trouble right here in River City” and went on to explain “trouble” was the availability of P-O-O-L for the youth of the tiny Indiana community.  California isn’t Indiana, Lemoore isn’t River City, and 2000 sure isn’t 1962, but today, like Preston’s lament, there can be trouble waiting for kids with too much time on their hands. If the Lemoore Parks and Recreation Department has anything to do with it, the newly opened Teen Center on D Street, right here in Lemoore City, will give them lots to do, including playing pool. P-O-O-L, in Lemoore instead of trouble, rhymes with C-O-O-L, at least to the kids.

25 Years Ago

The community is coming together once again, Aug. 1, to take a bite out of crime. Lemoore is participating in the 12th Annual National Night Out, joining over 8,500 communities from across the country in hosting neighborhood block parties to encourage Neighborhood Watch programs in their communities. There are 14 parties planned in neighborhoods throughout Lemoore.

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