Sleep better, meditate and relax with these smartphone apps

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These are stressful times. The global coronavirus pandemic is already seeing a resurgence across much of the country and there’s the related financial uncertainly. On top of that, the nation has seen civil unrest marked by months of uprisings. So, let’s just say 2020 has provided challenges.

While you might not realize it, you could find a bit of solace in a device you always have in your hands.

Apps for smartphones and tablets can provide a mental break from it all, whether it’s tied to meditation and mindfulness, yoga, breathing and relaxation exercises, or getting a better night’s sleep. The following five are worth considering and are available for both iOS and Android.

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Sleep Better, Meditate And Relax With These Smartphone Apps

Unplug Meditation

Have a few minutes to spare? The newly-updated Unplug Meditation app dishes up more than 750 videos to help you hit the reset button during a hectic day.

Led by celebrated meditation teachers across the globe, you can try out the Meditation of the Day; browse by teachers, time (from one to 45 minutes) or topics (like “Great For Beginners” or “Guided Journeys”); or search by keywords such as “kids,” “sleep” or “dogs” (yes, there is a “Pet Meditation” session led by Heather Hayward and her loyal canine companion, Bubbles). 

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