Sunrays grapes to hit stores this winter

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Sunrays grapes to hit stores this winter

Tarrytown, NY-based fresh produce importer Jac. Vandenberg Inc. has announced that it will be adding grapes to its Sunrays product line as it launches an eye-catching, revamped website for the Sunrays brand.

“We are ecstatic to be adding grapes to the Sunrays product line. With over 70 years of experience in working with the finest grape growers around the world, we couldn’t think of a better product to expand the Sunrays lineup,” said John Paap, brand manager at Jac Vandenberg. Steady supplies of Sunrays grapes will be available beginning this December, starting with Peru.

Since its introduction into the U.S. market in 2017, the Sunrays brand has been continuously increasing in popularity among consumers and retailers alike. Much of this growth can be attributed to the brand’s emphasis on consistent quality and unique focus to its giveback and environmental missions, which are clearly communicated on the packaging.

“When we created the Sunrays brand, we wanted to make sure the consumer always walked out of the store feeling good about the purchase they made — not just for the quality of the fruit but for what the brand represents,” said Paap. “When a consumer goes shopping they are using their purchasing power as a vote for the world they want to live in. In choosing Sunrays they are voting for a world that builds a brighter future for children and our planet. They are choosing to snack with impact.”

For every package packed, Sunrays makes a monetary donation to the internationally renowned charity, Save the Children. Since 2017, Sunrays has donated over $200,000 to the charity. In 2019, Sunrays became one of the first food and beverage brands in the U.S. to be awarded the Plastic Free Trust Mark for its tree-fiber based packages. This summer, Sunrays began to offer Mandarin bags packed in tree-based, biodegradable and home compostable-certified netting.

“As we turn the page to a new chapter, we felt it was the right time to revamp the Sunrays website to highlight our mission and growth,” said Paap. “The new website is highly visual, immersed in the Sunrays ‘feel-good’ style and focused on only the key points.”

The revamped website also features a dedicated retailer page that allows retailers to create a personal account to access retailer-focused information, market updates and important news.

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